Reasons to choose Linux over Windows

Linux has a very small but incredibly committed following. Even though there are not that many people that use this free operating system, the people who do use it are very vocal about why they love it and they are very proud to use it. Even though you probably do not know many Linux users, you have probably seen a bumper sticker or two on the highway in support of the free operating system.

Even though Windows is by far the most popular OS and will probably always be, there are many people that use Linux and claim that it has a lot of advantages over Windows. So if it does have all these advantages over Windows and it is also free, why then is it not more popular? Well, according to most accounts, it is definitely not as easy to use as Windows, and it is something that is embraced mostly by people who are really computer savvy.

But these people that do use it say that once you go Linux, you will never go back to Windows. So if would be interested to see what these people say about Linux and why they prefer it to Windows.

Obviously, the most blatant and obvious advantage is the fact Linux is free and Windows is quite expensive. A lot of people are wrongfully under the impression that they got their Windows OS for free, but they really did not. When you pirate the software illegal, that’s a different thing, but there are a lot of people who think that since they bought a computer that “comes with Windows,” that they got Windows for free. But that could not be farther from the truth. The price of Windows is actually figured into the price of the computer when it is being sold that way, and that is actually the way in which Windows and Microsoft make a majority of their money. In fact, in the case of the average personal computer that is sold to someone with Windows, the OS makes up roughly one fourth of the price tag.

So if you have a legal version of Windows, you have paid a pretty hefty price for it, considering there is a free alternative called Linux. Another thing that Linux supports say is superior is the fact that Linux users are at a much smaller risk of getting virus on their computers. Not only viruses, but spyware, adware, and any other such agents that attack your computer.

So why do computer with Linux get attacked less? Are their shields against this stuff better? Not really. The simple fact is that a majority of viruses that are made are made to attack computers that are running Windows. Since most of the world is using Windows, people who make viruses focus all of their attention on making viruses that will attack Windows, not making Viruses that will attack the very small population of people who are running their computers on Linux.

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